Polarity Playground - In and Out

(Eight Days A Week)

Packed ice, fluid house, built from gasoline, insulated on Wednesdays with
(It burns better later)
It's quiet.
Over adhesive walls, in the flight path, are Fridays failures.
Ain't that brick wall wild!?
Nevertheless, they should establish their dwellings with portable building
Flowing walls.
In Japan the paper houses are adhesive. Stones won't fall from the ceiling
upon Japanese head whenever the earth shakes.
It roots itself out of the heap of paper.
However, the technique has not been further developed.
( No paper skyscrapers!)
No, they use steel and concrete, like they do in the west.
Now on to Saturdays - the sixth of Genesis.
Repeatedly painted on paper, 'Optical Depot' and 'Protective Shelter', you
can hide in
your plastic bag, which can be drawn out at any given moment, beat a fast
On Sunday, dig a house in the Earth. Sunday night it's finished.
Monday: put branches and thin boards over the house hole, you don't need
a door you
just fall into it.
For an escape hatch use a hot-air balloon, since no stairs or ladders are
( It's not known at this time )
Then, taking cover, he cringes on the floor before a sheet of paper and
draws strange
forms;( again house constructions );
with the kitchen sponge into the spread damp element.
House de-construction. '
Endangered House' like the 'tower of Babel',
House on Pillars'.
Original main takes for the canvas prints; (Warmth and pressure makes it
Future around no property; (tremors from earthquakes). Flying hotel.
They came to this idea through the hot-air balloon exit.
Tent formations in the sky above the air hotel.
Space station, sun block, sun tent.
The atmosphere's too cold up there, the air hotel unites again with an Earth
No more humans far and wide.
In their celestial houseboat , they're drifting through space.

Andreas Erdmann, january 2000

Translation by Jeffrey Morgan & Dan Kerr, Cologne
copyright: thisartproject, germany